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I'm Lauren

I am a Certified Trauma Informed Coach and Yoga Instructor, E-RYT 200 YACEP.

I also am a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and hold a B.A. in Psychology with an Emphasis in Behavioral Neuroscience. I bridge the gap between trauma and your relationship with food, your body, and most importantly-- your Self. 

At the core of it I believe-- that no matter what you have been through. No matter how much or how long you have struggled with food, body image, and self worth. And no matter how much you beat yourself up when you look in the mirror-- 


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about me

I grapple sometimes with the fact that when people come to my page and they figure out my message, I get the same response from those who don’t know what i’ve been through. 

“You’re young. You’re pretty. You’re confident. That isn’t a belly roll. How can you possibly struggle like I struggle when you look like you look?” 

What the new faces don’t know is the relationship I had with my body for the large majority of my life. I was put through a lot of years of sexual trauma, and came out a very sad girl. 

I struggled to be anywhere but IN my body. All the things I did to cope with what he had done to me. How I hurt myself, starved myself, and hated myself. I hated what I had been through so much, so I punished myself every day for it.

It wasn’t my fault. I learned with years of self-work and the help of some amazing people in my life that I was NOT what I went through, and my body is mine now, not his. 

Not a lot of people actually come home to their bodies. But you can, and I can help. 

I now work with women to help them reclaim their bodies, no matter what they’ve been through, no matter who has hurt them, and no matter how hard they’ve been on themselves. It’s my life’s work, and I’m more passionate about it than anything in the world. 

My story is intense. And the way through it to here taught me so much about healing and knowing that I am more than this story of mine. And so are you. 

Looking at your story, and how it’s showing up in your current reality is hard work, but it’s more transformative than anything. It’s about learning how what you’ve been through is informing what you’re going through. 

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bagel with tofutti cream cheese, spinach, and tomato


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to write a book 



exactly what i do now. working with women who want to love the body they are in and want to learn to show their body respect



spicy food

HIIT (lol)

I care so much about people and want to show that it is possible to have a positive relationship with your body, food, and movement. 

my biggest passion is helping other women see their worth And show them that their body is the least interesting thing about them.

I started as a fitness coach but quickly realized my passion was helping people change their relationship with exercise and food, not just masking it with a plan.

I love the brain. Behavioral neuroscience is my favorite subject. I have a degree in psychology and have always wanted to work with people in this capacity. 

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