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I’m Lauren, I am a Certified Trauma Informed Coach who helps women who struggled with body image, disordered eating, and self worth. What I do at the heart of it is I help women understand how what they’ve been through in their life impacts what they’re currently struggling with now in regards to the above. 

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My time in Lauren‘s Intuitively You program was nothing short of incredible. She created the most warm and loving space for me to talk all things body, and I felt safe talking to her about familial diet culture, emotional and physical traumas, present stagnancy, and escapism from my body. She welcomed all topics of conversation, from childhood experiences to current relationship roadblocks, and helped me connect all things to presence in body and honoring my intuition. In such a short amount of time Lauren has helped me move mountains. I have started feeding myself, finding alternatives to shutting down when my emotions are elevated, and have found a type of movement that feels good and doesn’t trigger fantasies of weight loss. At the heart of her program is connection, and I cannot recommend this course enough.


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Working with Lauren allowed me to process emotions in new ways, unlearn fused thought patterns, and challenge assumptions I had been making for years about my body and food. The meditations were golden and freed up space in my mind to be creative. The yoga was chill and so yummy for the body. The modules were filled with content necessary to prime you for the journaling that followed. In 1:1s, I broke down barriers I had let fester for 7 years. Lauren guided each session with curiosity and respect. If you are looking to learn more, to challenge more, and to gain more- Intuitively You is right for you.

- anonymous

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I never thought that I would be where I am now. I went from being a person who had a vision in her head of what she thought she should look like, and I’m not this person who is just loving me for me. I love who i am inside and out, and I respect my body. I learned how to respect and feel my emotions. I 1000% recommend this to others. This will get you thinking on a deeper level, and will help your personal growth so much. Lauren is so knowledgeable and she always pours her heart into her clients.

- becky

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