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I’m Lauren, I am a Certified Trauma Informed Coach who helps women who struggled with body image, disordered eating, and self worth. What I do at the heart of it is I help women understand how what they’ve been through in their life impacts what they’re currently struggling with now in regards to the above. 

To learn more about my own story and the work I do, click the link below. 

Working with Lauren has been an absolute dream. She always made me feel heard and nurtured as I was navigating my own journey of body shame. I hated my body for so long and tried to cover up with hate with diets and exercise plans. When at the end of the day I finally realized I needed something deeper. Cue, my work with Lauren. It was the perfect blend of digging deep while also developing tangible skills to step into this new identity embodied by intuition and freedom. I highly recommend Intuitively You to anyone who struggles with self worth and body image. 

- sam

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As a woman in my 50's, I wasn't sure I'd ever get to a point where I would be okay with the body I was in. Let alone learn to love this body. Lauren has helped me do both. I look in the mirror and no matter what I weigh, I see love and respect and acceptance. Working through my issues with my body helped me learn to treat my body with the respect it has always deserved. 

- rebecca

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Honestly, I was apprehensive because weight loss was one of my goals and Lauren reminded me that that is NOT the most important part of this journey.  After working with her, I realize that she is so right. Deal with the things in your head and your heart, and your body will heal and your weight will stabilize. I feel so good. I intuitively eat and move my body in joyful ways and I also know how to treat my body with respect. Can't recommend Lauren enough. Thank you.

- Danica

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